About the maintenance and scratch prevention of acrylic jar


1. Before using the board, do not remove the protective […]

1. Before using the board, do not remove the protective film or the outer packaging film. Dust and dirt will adhere to the surface of the board due to static electricity. The protective film can protect the board from abrasion and scratches. Use the forklift during loading and unloading to avoid secondary scratches caused by the pulling of the sheet and the sheet. If it is necessary to drag and use the splicing protection paper, it must be dragged along the splicing direction to prevent the protective paper from falling off.

2. There is no small hard object between the board and the board during storage, otherwise the surface of the board will be scratched.

3. The surface hardness is equivalent to aluminum. If there is no special treatment or adding hardening agent, care should be taken to avoid scratching the surface. If it is scratched, it can be recovered by polishing.

Acrylic board packaging removal: Kraft paper-wrapped sheet, when uncovered, the paper is forced to the opposite side 180 degrees, slowly uncovering. In winter, due to the cold weather, it is relatively difficult to uncover. When it is uncovered, it can be heated by a hair dryer and slowly uncovered. At the same time, the time of placing the kraft paper is not easy to exceed six months, otherwise it will cause the kraft paper to be opened.