How to adjust the spray bottle into a mist


Press the gas first, maybe the air pressure is not enou […]

Press the gas first, maybe the air pressure is not enough. If the air pressure is sufficient, adjust the plastic screw at the front end of the nozzle.

In the spray can, the liquid and a gas which can be ejected by the fine particles are stored under a pressurized state. In the past, a gas called a chlorofluorocarbon was placed in a spray can, which was harmful to the environment.

Many spray cans use other types of gases. The manual sprayer is also best used because it not only has the function of spraying, but also uses the principle of air to eject liquid without harming the environment.

Spray-type lotions on the market can be divided into two categories. One category belongs to hot spring water, which is aimed at calming and soothing, and is also used by dermatologists. For those who are allergic (such as patients with atopic dermatitis), people with red and irritated skin can converge on wounds and reduce inflammation after boiling water, and summer sunburn is also good.

The other type is just to present the lotion in the form of a spray. The advantage is that the dosage is saved and the hands are clean.

Whether it is hot spring water or spray lotion, it is refreshing and comfortable. If you don't rub the moisturizing lotion or cream again, it will take away the surface moisture of the skin after evaporation, but it will be drier. To put it in a metaphor, it is like using your tongue to lick your lips. Even if you feel moist after applying your face, it is temporary. You must still match the oil-containing products to delay the loss of water.

Many women love to use spray, because it only needs a finger to press, whether it is moisturizing, aroma, sunscreen, acne, or soothing calm, beautiful and simple. The spray is sprayed on the face and body, and the fine water droplets form a silky protective film on the skin, which also isolates the external sun and pollution from the skin during the skin care and refreshing treatment. But remember, spray water only needs to stay in the skin for 30 seconds, just dry it, then apply moisturizer.