How to avoid deformation of acrylic jar


First of all, when customers are making acrylic jar, pr […]

First of all, when customers are making acrylic jar, professional manufacturers will understand the size specifications, usage methods and ways of using your acrylic products. You do not need to bear the weight. If you need to bear the weight, it is also the weight. Then provide a professional design according to the actual situation, suggesting the appropriate acrylic thickness. For example, a large-size multi-layered acrylic mobile phone holder, the recommended thickness will be thicker. For example, the food box of the supermarket, if small size, would recommend a thickness between 3mm and 5mm. Under normal circumstances, the larger the load-bearing area, the thicker the required acrylic sheet thickness, so that the load-bearing performance can be improved during use to avoid deformation of the acrylic product later.

Secondly, the curved surface in the acrylic jar is formed by integral hot bending. The acrylic sheet of the corresponding size is placed in an oven, which is softened by high temperature, and then placed on the grinding tool to be cooled and formed. Acrylic partial bends are usually made by hand bending straight through a hot bending machine. Therefore, the acrylic sheet will soften and deform under high temperature conditions. This requires the customer to pay attention to the formation of acrylic products to avoid exposure to high temperatures during storage or use, in the summer, try to avoid high temperature exposure.