Acrylic bottles have excellent transparency


Acrylic, also known as PMMA or Acrylic, is derived from […]

Acrylic, also known as PMMA or Acrylic, is derived from English acrylic (acrylic plastic). The chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate, which is an important plastic polymer material developed earlier. It has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing and beautiful appearance. Has a wide range of applications. Plexiglass products are generally classified into cast sheets, extruded sheets, and molding compounds.

In the field of cosmetic bottle packaging, acrylic bottles are widely used in high-end creams, lotions and other cosmetic packaging, and are well received by the market. Acrylic bottles have the characteristics of plastic: resistant to falling, light, easy to color, easy to process, low cost, etc., and have the characteristics of glass bottles with beautiful appearance and high quality. It allows cosmetic manufacturers to obtain the appearance of glass bottles with the cost of plastic bottles, and also has the advantages of resistance to falling and transportation. Acrylic bottles are available in a wide variety of colors, with excellent overall performance, offering designers a wide range of options for dyeing and surface painting, silk screen or vacuum coating. At present, the products of domestic acrylic cosmetic bottle manufacturers are exported to the European and American cosmetic bottle packaging market.

Acrylic bottles have excellent transparency, light transmittance of over 92%, good anti-aging properties, and can be used safely outdoors. Although acrylic bottles have achieved great success in the cosmetics market, they have not been widely used in other packaging fields such as food and medicine, which is also worthy of exploration and exploration by acrylic bottle manufacturers.