High-end cosmetic packaging design reflects personality


The so-called high-end cosmetics brands need to have hi […]

The so-called high-end cosmetics brands need to have higher value and quality, while the price is relatively high, targeting people with higher spending power. We know that buying and selling does not lie in the material form of the commodity, but in the meaning, value, and status embodied in the commodity.

How to design high-end cosmetic packaging design and create a high-end brand image of cosmetics?

1. The unique USP (sales proposition) may not necessarily be owned by you for a long time, but it must be held high and spread continuously, so that the market and consumers think that you are the first, you are the best.

Be the first to occupy the consumer's mental resources.

2. the items must be complete. The incomplete product structure is doomed to the brand's incomplete "life";

3. packaging design reflects personality, trend, fashion, materials must have a sense of quality, each detail meets the level of brand positioning;

4. The choice of channels in the early stage should reflect the positioning of high-end brands, department store supermarkets, cosmetics stores, international and domestic large-scale supermarket chains, and high-end convenience chains. In short, they are basically consistent with brand positioning and tonality;

5. promotion should continue, do more specials to do more to buy gifts, as far as possible with high-end brands and high-end activities linked.

6. Develop sales staff rewards for high-end brands, set standards for high-end brands' marketing, coverage, and promotion activities, and set performance rewards, but avoid setting sales incentives in the early stage and lead to over-the-counter distribution, resulting in wholesale markets and high-end products. The phenomenon that the product appears at the same time as the department store and the roadside shop violates the principle of brand positioning;

7. using TV advertising, especially online media, often create topics, young people are both a new force of consumption and a network of new forces, network promotion in the high-end cosmetics products have many successful classic cases.