What do you need to prepare for custom acrylic jar


1. Product specifications When making acrylics, we must […]

1. Product specifications

When making acrylics, we must first specify the specifications of this product, that is, how much acrylic products to be made. This is the primary aspect that needs to communicate with acrylic manufacturers in advance, although the acrylic products are customized from a large acrylic sheet. Cut on, but if we have larger specifications for acrylic products, we need to find a large piece of acrylic for cutting;

Product drawing

In addition, if the requirements for acrylic-made products are high, such as making large-scale products such as acrylic showcases, it is also necessary to provide custom-made drawings, and mark the shape and size of the products on the drawings so that the acrylic-made business can go smoothly. This requires us to have certain control and ideas for the customized finished products in advance when we are looking for a custom-made acrylic company;

2. Color requirements

Acrylic custom-made enterprises with good service provide acrylic sheets of different colors. Although the acrylic products we see on a daily basis are basically transparent, we can also require manufacturers to add colors according to the product conditions. Acrylic custom-made enterprises provide more color schemes. , you can select the appropriate color according to the purpose of the product in advance to make;