The recyclable mark on cosmetic packaging


Cosmetic packaging should be marked with 12M on the mar […]

Cosmetic packaging should be marked with 12M on the mark, that is, the use period after opening is 12 months. The shelf life indicated on the outer packaging refers to the storage time when the package is not opened. The skin care products have different ingredients, and the service period is different after opening. The makeup cleansing lotion and lotion are used for 6 months, the cream and essence are 9 to 12 months, and the non-preservatives such as preservatives and spices are not valid. Shorter.

Keep away from fire
Indicates that the storage environment should be kept dry to avoid exposure to fire, heat or exposure. Such signs are found on the packaging of products such as perfume, mousse, and nail polish.

Recyclable mark
The arrow mark indicates that the packaging of goods or merchandise is made of renewable materials, which is beneficial to the environment and the protection of the earth. The use of recyclable and recyclable goods can reduce the consumption of resources on the earth. There are differences in the flags of different countries. The production in Japan and South Korea is mostly square, and the production in Europe and America is mostly triangular, but they are all circular shapes with arrows.

License mark recognition
Imported cosmetics must be marked with the Ministry of Health's "Wei makeup into the word" or "Wei makeup into the word" symbol. In addition, imported cosmetics must also have "three certificates", namely "import quarantine certificate for entry goods", "import and export cosmetics label audit certificate", "cosmetic inspection and quarantine CIQ mark".