Ten major categories of cosmetic packaging


Packaging classification According to the packaging for […]

Packaging classification

According to the packaging form and material variety of cosmetics, it can be divided into the following types:

a. Bottles (including plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc.);

b. Covers [including outer covers, inner covers, (plugs, pads, membranes, etc.)];

c. bags (including paper bags, plastic bags, composite bags);

d. hoses (including plastic hoses, composite hoses, metal hoses, etc.);

e. Boxes (including plastic cartons, plastic boxes, metal boxes, etc.);

f. Spray cans (including pressure-resistant aluminum cans, iron cans, etc.);

g. Tablet tube (including lipstick tube, foundation tube, mascara tube, etc.);

h. Makeup pen

i. Nozzle (including air pressure type, pump type);

j. Outer box (including flower box, plastic package, middle box, transportation packaging, etc.).