Classification of the bottle cap in the cosmetic packaging


Cap classification In the field of cosmetics, the caps […]

Cap classification

In the field of cosmetics, the caps are versatile:

According to product material: plastic cover, aluminum-plastic composite cover, anodized aluminum cover, etc.

According to the opening method: Qianqiu cover, cover (butter cover), screw cap, buckle cover, plug cover, diverter cover, etc.

According to the matching application: hose cover, emulsion bottle cap, laundry liquid cover, etc.

Cap accessories: inner plugs, gaskets and other accessories.

The lid is usually composed of several important parts such as the lower cover, the liquid guiding hole, the hinge, the upper cover, the plunger and the inner plug.
According to the shape: round cover, oval cover, shaped cover, two-color cover, etc.
According to the matching structure: screw cap type, snap type.
According to the hinge structure: one-piece, bow-like, strap-like (three-axis), etc.

The bottle cap is one of the contents dispenser tools in the cosmetic packaging, except for the pump head and the sprayer, and is widely used in cream bottles, shampoos, shower gels, hoses and the like. cover torque

The opening torque of the cap needs to meet the standard. It is too large or can not be opened. If it is too small, it will easily lead to liquid leakage crisis.

2.the size of the bottle mouth

The structure of the bottle mouth is various, the structure of the bottle cap should be effectively matched with it, and the tolerance requirements are matched with it. Otherwise it is easy to leak.

3.positioning bayonet

In order to make the product more beautiful and uniform in image, many users of caps will require the product cap to be completely independent of the bottle body. Therefore, the positioning port will be provided. When the cap is printed and assembled, the positioning tab must be used.