Appearance requirements for cosmetic bottles, lids, tubes and cans


1, cosmetic bottles (including plastic bottles, glass b […]

1, cosmetic bottles (including plastic bottles, glass bottles)

(1) The cosmetic bottle body is complete, smooth and straight, smooth, and the thickness is basically uniform. There must be no cold explosion, cracks, no obvious scars and deformation.

(2) The mouth of the cosmetic bottle is straight and smooth, and there must be no burrs (hairs), and the matching structure of the threads and the like is intact and correct.

(3) The inside and outside of the cosmetic bottle are clean.

(4) The cosmetic bottle and the cosmetic bottle cap are tightly fitted with no slipping, looseness and leakage.

2, cosmetic bottle caps (including outer cover, inner cover (plug, pad))

(1) inner cover

1 complete, smooth and non-deformable, clean, free of dust, oil and so on.

2 Cooperate well with cosmetic bottles and cosmetic caps, and must not be leaked.

(2) Cover

1 end is positive, smooth, no broken, crack, burr (hair) and bursting phenomenon, uniform color, no color change, consistent with the standard sample.

2 thread and other matching structure is intact.

3 The addition of anodized aluminum or bronzing should be uniform and complete, and the color is consistent with the standard sample.

4 flip cover cover is flexible.

5 cosmetic caps and cosmetic bottles are tightly matched, without slipping, loosening, leakage and so on.

3, the hose

(1) The tube body is smooth, tidy, uniform in thickness, no obvious scratches, and the color is consistent with the standard sample.

(2) The seal should be firm and free from openings and wrinkles.

(3) The cap shall meet the requirements of 2.2.

4, spray can

(1) The tank is flat, free of rust spots, smooth welds, no obvious scratches on the main parts, uniform color, consistent with the standard samples.

(2) The winding is smooth and there must be no cracks or deformation.