Acrylic cosmetic bottle carved after the crystal


How to achieve a beautiful effect on cosmetic bottle pa […]

How to achieve a beautiful effect on cosmetic bottle packaging is very much concerned by many cosmetic bottle designers and cosmetics manufacturers. After all, people want packaging to achieve the effect of “buying, so that their cosmetics stand out on the shelves full of shelves.

It can make the cosmetic bottle show the effect of carving, and it will naturally show the exquisite effect. The traditional glass bottle is carved, which is very difficult and difficult to achieve. In addition to blowing with a mold, ordinary plastic bottles are difficult to sculpt. The crystal glass bottle is capable of cutting and carving. Many high-end perfume bottles and car perfume bottles are carved and look very beautiful. However, the cost of crystal glass bottles is high, which naturally increases the cost for cosmetic packaging. Here we are going to focus on acrylic cosmetic bottles, which are easy to cut and engraved in a variety of shapes and sizes. Acrylic cosmetic bottles are low cost and are ideal for large-scale use.

Acrylic cosmetic bottles are back-engraved, and the finished products are often very three-dimensional. They are polished and polished, which is very beautiful.