Acrylic bottle wall is mostly sprayed with color


Acrylic bottles are not only resistant to plastic, ligh […]

Acrylic bottles are not only resistant to plastic, light, easy to color, easy to process, low cost, but also have the characteristics of glass bottles, beautiful appearance and high quality. It allows cosmetic manufacturers to obtain the appearance of glass bottles with the cost of plastic bottles, and also has the advantages of resistance to falling and transportation.

Acrylic is an important plastic polymer material developed earlier. It has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, is easy to dye, easy to process, and has a beautiful appearance. However, since it cannot be in direct contact with cosmetic materials, it is not suitable for direct contact with cosmetic materials. Acrylic bottles are usually plastic containers based on PMMA plastic materials, which are combined into other parts of PP and AS materials by injection molding to form a bottle housing or a cover housing. It is an acrylic bottle.

1. Forming processing

The acrylic bottle shell used in the cosmetics industry is generally injection molded, so it is also called injection bottle. Because of its poor chemical resistance, it is generally not possible to directly install the paste. It needs to be equipped with a liner to prevent the filling from being too full. The paste enters between the liner and the acrylic bottle to avoid cracking.

2. Surface treatment

In order to effectively display the contents, the acrylic bottle body is often molded with a solid color, a transparent natural color, and a clear feeling. Acrylic bottle wall is mostly sprayed with color, which can refract light, and the effect is good. The surface of the supporting bottle cap and pump head is often sprayed, vacuum plated, anodized aluminum, brushed gold, silver, secondary oxidation and other processes to reflect the product. personalise.

3. Graphic printing

Acrylic bottles and matching caps, commonly used silk screen, pad printing, bronzing, hot silver, thermal transfer, water transfer and other processes, the company's graphic information printed on the surface of the bottle, cap or pump head and other products.